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As a long standing client, Arsenal FC have tasked us with many projects over the years.


We've concepted the last three campaigns to promote their annual summer football festival, The Emirates Cup. A two-day weekend of friendly football where Arsenal challenge three of Europe’s elite clubs.


More recently we produced the creative for a charity legends match between Arsenal's Invincible and Milan Glorie. A clash of the titans approach was adopted to set the tone for this epic battle.


The brief was to highlight the fun aspect of the event and to attract more families plus those who don’t usual get to go to the Emirates Stadium and experience quality football. Our concepts have varied from Circuses of yesteryear to Superheroes of today. The themes aim to be bold, fun and friendly as well as having a strong visual appeal. Various print, online banners, videos, window displays apearing across the capital with print campaigns that ran in The Guardian, Metro, The Daily Express and numerous other papers. We also produced animated video banners for the Emirates Stadium, London Underground and for Arsenal website. Radio adverts were aired across all London stations.


Premium hospitality collateral was produced for the corporate boxes to enhance that special experince of going to a game at the stadium. 

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